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Harry Styles was busy recording an album and shooting his film debut in Dunkirk, but despite the hectic schedule he’s reportedly found time to strike up a romance with model Camille Rowe.Here’s everything you need to know about the girl who may have stolen Style’s heart: Who is she?The album on which you can find it, Oracular Spectacular (2007), was named NME's album of the year and one of Rolling Stone's albums of the decade, on the way to selling more than 1.5 million.

It revealed the MGMT who had been typed as ironic, twentysomething paragons of pop pastiche to be serious inheritors of the 1960s tradition of mind-expanding music."I don't know if anyone still feels in their heart that the tactics and approaches of revolutionary hippies really work," Goldwasser considers carefully. But I think that's the revolutionary, subversive thing that could be happening, if people did try." Being afraid to step off into the unknown accounts for many of MGMT's dull indie peers, who have been only to happy to repeat past successes. '" "We still use aliens as an excuse," says Goldwasser."I think there is a thread that runs from some of the subliminal, transcendent moments that grew out of psychedelic music, up to the present. Far from career suicide, Congratulations is the sound of a band creating their own future. "There are moments on the first album we jokingly blamed on aliens," admits Van Wyngarden. "We get so involved making music, even we don't understand what we're doing." MGMT play Glastonbury on Sunday.There are a lot of bands now who still believe in that. It's a tradition where you can see the torch being passed down.

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