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To me this makes his process very interesting and unique. What he does use is automotive paint shops, wood shops with CNC milling machines, welders and so on.

Is he a friendly Rock N Roll guy who cares about people and is willing to try almost anything? The show takes place in Los Angeles and tends to focus on projects and people with unconventional design orientations. He has a goofy idea for something and he immediately knows who to call to make it happen. Antonio doesn't use these places and he might not even know they exist.

What I like about the way he works is his seemingly infinite list of vendors that can cut, paint, bend, weld, machine or print almost anything.

Antonio has taken on funky clothing stores, apartments, hotel rooms, music studios - you name it.

Could there be a new man in Jennie Garth’s life already?

The client aspires to be a cartoonist and Antonio introduced him to Stephen Silver, a well know Hollywood cartoonist. Other IMDb reviews have been pretty harsh on Antonio, his friends and the show in general. Different is quite often good, or at least entertaining.He doesn't always put a 50s spin on things, but he obviously likes it.At other times he totally throws caution to the wind and just punts. When an idea fails Antonio and crew are quick to regroup and find a creative solution.Tuesday about her split from actor Peter Facinelli in March after 11 years of marriage."[Dating] is very new for me," Garth, 40, explained.

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