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However long it takes, I finally manage to overcome my phone anxiety and give her a call.

B: Actually I quite like it out here, sunny in the winter and dry, not wet all the time or dark and dreary, you know. The call works quite well, and I find out she is in school for HR-type stuff, is currently dog-sitting, and is interested in meeting up the following week for a stroll in the River Valley. I tell her I will text her details for where to meet, and I do that as we approach the date.One day at work, my buddy Jack suggests that I try Speed Dating. G: B: I’m planning like a kind of like a Scandinavian kind of tour for the summer. Petersburg for awhile…all the destinations…5.5 weeks…I have lots of vacation saved up from last year, so I’m burning it up. Like I grew up in BC, but the jobs out here are so much better. The plant is in really bad shape, the catalyst moves around continually so lots of things break. I text her that night, and then later in the week to joke around.At first I scoff at him, but then I think back to how I used to scoff at Online Dating. G: I work for Dow Chemicals B: Oh yeah, OK, so Dow Chemicals, so we’re kind of neighbours then. There is some decent banter, and she repeats that she really had a lot of fun on our date, so I am feeling optimistic about things.Some of the conversations aren’t clear, as I leave my phone in my pocket for part of this event, but I have filled these out as beset I can. B: I haven’t done much in the last few years, but this year I am planning to do Europe, Scandinavia, yeah it’s something I didn’t have enough time for before, but now I’m going to take the time. G: I went to Greece and Italy as a child B: So how long were you in Greece and Italy? G: I would go to the Coliseum again, I need more pictures. G: Rome is really awesome, Caesar was killed right here, happened there, so much history. I roll into Social Modern Pub, which is an interesting place.Girl #1 B: It’s a lot more crowded than I expected B: I thought this was supposed to be 8 minutes per person, not 4 B: Have you done this before? G: About a week and a half in Greece and a couple in Italy. It kind of has an old-school feel, with a dark wooden interior.

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