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You'll back off from taking the next step because you don't want to ruin what you've got, right? This fear is ruining the ability of most men to get things started with women they're attracted to. And when you feel sexual panic - and she senses it - this KILLS your sexual confidence.The "ONE critical thing" I've been talking about - that you need - is this: If your sexual confidence gets "turned off" when you're with a woman, she'll sense it.I'm willing to bet that you've experienced the "Flinch." What is the "Flinch"?It's that point where you shy away from showing your sexual interest in a woman. Ask yourself: If you can identify with any of those signs, it's very likely that what I'm about to tell you will completely transform your sexual success with women.How to use natural MAGNETIC charisma to attract beautiful women... How to get over your fear of rejection and talk to women - fearlessly How to finally get EVERYTHING you deserve as a man...!I have spent years and years out there getting battered, deep-fried, and served up as a meal ticket in the world of dating, and there's no reason why any guy should have to go through that.

You probably thought that this was completely opposite to the way you wanted to handle it, right?Why do guys keep their interest in a woman hidden like this?At first I thought it was because we were afraid of ruining things with women.And if you're missing this one CRITICAL piece of the puzzle, THIS will probably happen to you: And when you're missing this vital piece of the picture, you usually wind up with her telling you she wants to "just be friends." So again, you need this critical ingredient in your back pocket or nothing you do will work right with women.It took me years to identify and find this one critical piece of the puzzle.

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