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The first French mantel clocks were developed from French Regency bracket clocks, developed when similar clocks were produced in Rococo style but without a mounting bracket.It was commonplace to set these clocks on a mantelpiece, which is where the name comes from.Therefore, the most obvious thing to look for when evaluating a mantle clock is the integrity of each mainspring.Simply going through winding motions with a winding key will be telling.It’s relatively easy to distinguish English mantel clocks from French ones as the English examples usely have superb mechanisms and the quality of the movement will shine through.Some of the finest manufacturers of mantle clocks were Seth Thomas, Ansonia, Sessions, and Waterbury, and each of these brands is still treasured on the antique clock market.Due to the high level of craftsmanship needed to create these masterpieces, they were really out of reach of the common person for generations.

The statues were in the form of bronze and gilded figures and had classical Greek and Roman themes.Are you fascinated by the intricate artistry and design of antique timepieces?Learn about French clocks, the most elegantly designed time tellers.French cartel clocks came into prominence during this era.Another famous clock design of this period was the urn or the vase shaped clock, commonly known as novelty clocks.

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They also follow the style of the tortoiseshell case with ormolu mounts.

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