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I remember thinking, “is this all I will ever have, all I will ever feel? In December of 2011— I married my friend, my partner, my lover (finally), my soul mate!” , and I convinced myself that it was good enough … Our paths did cross again, and this time, they are heading in the same direction—hand in hand, side by side! and after 30 years, we are making a life together!! ~ Lynn Adams Check out our Puddle Coach Column in "Under the Umbrella" for replies to letters written to the coach; find more stories about relationships and other life situations!I was apart of his family and he was apart of mine.

We did “officially” break-up, but on a note of possibly getting back together some day when we both were older and better able to handle life. Shortly thereafter, I started dating the man that I ended up marrying—and I did love him, but deep down, my heart still belonged to my soul mate — I still thought of him often and always had the feeling that “some day” our paths would cross again.

Although it was only for about five minutes, it was our time.

He was my cheerleader at every game, even if it meant being bored out of his mind.

But with your soul mate, there is a precious, special, almost electrifying connection that is beyond explanation and is difficult to define with words.

IT is just THERE—that connection—that married my soul mate.

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