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Besides that myth, they dispel 5 other myths as well.The second part of the book deals with knowing whether or not on Part one of the book is devoted to dispelling the various myths that are attached to online dating.this book is divided into three parts: * 6 big myths of online dating * 6 ways to know if online dating is for you * 5 questions you absolutely must ask before signing upthese major points cover: * the benefits of online dating * how to choose the right online dating site(s) * raising one's love IQ * similarities and differences between online dates and real-world or traditional ones and * pitfalls to avoid when dating whether online or dating was written for Christians looking for love and marriage in cyberspace.the book contains snippets of what real men and women experienced before , during and after cyberdating.This book is easy to read, and organized in a way that darts right to the point.I'm not quite sure why "avoiding the liars, losers, and freaks", is on the cover when that section is only a part of the book.

As I said earlier if you're beginning to sign up, and see what online dating is about then this book is a quick guide to what to expect, and how to approach it tactfully.You don't have to observe very far to know what this book is about. Les, and Leslie Parrot sum it up very quickly on the front cover.This book is actually quite reassuring though for people who remain interested in online dating , and the taboos that still halt people from trying it.After reading I was confused by the intent of Dating though.I felt the authors made a good point, and would recommend it to someone trying online dating, but I also felt I was being marketed something.

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If you're an online dater who is ashamed, then this book covers why you're feeling that way, and reassures you the social stigmas aren't true.

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