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In the following days, 28 of his pregnant ewes perished, along with 35 lambs and the fish and other wildlife in the stream for a distance of several miles.

That's the dream scenario 27-year-old Annie Mackinder has found herself in, after she spent £20,000 on a plot of land in Lincolnshire and used it to build a luxury eco-lodge that's been valued at over £250,000.In its planning application – fiercely resisted by residents – Ecotricity admitted that the AD would trigger 12,792 separate vehicle movements a year, mainly tractors pulling trailers, on the narrow local roads – a recipe for traffic chaos.Mr Wooles said: ‘Ecotricity claims it can get all its feedstock from a 15km (nine mile) radius.Biomethane-to-grid is a real success story for the Renewable Heat Incentive.’ According to Ms Morton, AD gas heats 170,000 homes. Before his untimely death in 2016, the chief scientific adviser to the Department of Energy and Climate Change, Professor David Mac Kay, warned: ‘Biofuels can’t add up.’ Farming and processing their feedstock took up so much energy that it almost cancelled out the energy they might produce, so that overall, ‘biofuels made from plants deliver so little power I think they are scarcely worth talking about’.The AD planned for the Agricultural College in Sparsholt illustrates what he meant.

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