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I have tried everything to connect to Facebook, from watching videos do as asked but still not connecting, supercell team made it that my farm is connected to Facebook, been contacting them since Monday and they are ignoring me I am annoyed about.

I go on holiday in 2 weeks and unless I am connected to face book I won't be able to play hayday on my phone out and about unless am in an wifi area, I currently access it in my i Pad only and my mobile is an android please help I recently had an issue with connecting to Facebook and thought I'd reply here with what caused the problem and how it was resolved.

I recently followed the steps on the answer by Stephen M347 to the following problem: Cannot access my bitcoins because my wallet is still synchronising.

Now that Twitter 1.1 and Feeds are buddies, time to move to other data sources. Using trusty Feeds and friends, I was able to ingest my own Facebook home feed.

For guides on how to recover receipts, go here for i OS orders ( They noted that this was done as a one-time exception.

The lesson here is that despite the casual assurances in the help video that switching Facebook accounts is an easy process, it isn't if Hay Day permanently overwrites the existing Facebook ID authorization for some reason.

Quite some time ago, I set up a Facebook account dedicated to my Hay Day activities and tied that to my farm.

I realized recently that it had been disconnected for a while (I use Game Center primarily).

I am okay with saving my facebook userid and password in DB if that is all that'a needed. To reset the oauth, just truncate the oauth_token table from the database.

I reconnected to FB within Hay Day's settings, however once I saw the incorrect FB profile picture showing up on filled boat crates, I knew there was a problem.

Unfortunately, because I had signed in on my i Pad with another Facebook ID recently (in the OS and Facebook app), when I tapped reconnect in Hay Day the most recently signed in Facebook account was instead attached to my farm.

So naturally, it isn't storing the access token in the database.

It's sending the request: POST /oauth/access_token HTTP/1.0 Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded User-Agent: Drupal ( Host: graph.And sending the following post data: Array ( [code] = I have implemented this following your guide lines without the attached module and everything is working great!

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When the cron is run manually from the cron page, and the token is expired, the same form and link are presented.

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