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For those of you guys and gals looking for Porn on Darknetmarkets I have stumbled across an awesome app that you can download or stream free HD porn to your computer or mobile device. If you have heard of Popcorn Time then it is the same idea and same platform as the same developers that made Popcorn Time made Porn Time. You can check out and download Porn Time here: Anyways, that’s enough snooping for today. But the fact that it’s simply up and running after a few months of downtime seems to prove that the Silk Road name is here to stay, whether it’s Silk Road 1, 3.0, 3.1 or 20.

Whether that’s a good or bad thing is up for you to decide.

By filling out the form, you can retrieve your lost bitcoin.

From the top menu, you can go to the home screen with all the drug listings, check your messages, check your notifications, change your profile info, check your current orders, go to support, change your settings, go to uchat, read the FAQ (frequently asked questions) , read the forums, and logout.

You will also have a large section for the description and details of the product.

Unless the product is out of stock, they will have a place to enter your order information on this page.

Your old username and account won’t work on the new Silk Road 3.1 (SR 3.1) and many old users thought it was a big exit scam.

Well, when you create an account in the new Silk Road 3.1 you will notice there is a message and form to fill in and reclaim your lost funds from Silk Road 3.0 and silk road 3.1.

I think this again shows a good sign of commitment to being a trustworthy market, most other market admins would have just vanished with all your bitcoins, especially with BTC at the current levels.

The categories are actually really well organised, with everything from every type of Cannabis/Weed, psychedelics, opioids, ecstasy, benzos, dissociatives, prescription drugs, stimulants broken down into smaller subcategories, like DMT, heroin, and cocaine. If I scroll past the search function, I see a list of products currently highlighted as ‘best sellers’, like weed, hash, ecstasy, methadone, Fentanyl, cocaine, and even “ex-gf” porn passes.

Each listing includes the name of the good, a picture, price in USD and BTC, vendor with feedback details, category, and what country(s) it ships from.

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This seller seems to have a pretty solid track record, but there are of course others who have little to no feedback so far.

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