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But he explained it was an easy choice for the two to make.

"The simple answer to that is it has everything to do with our faith and God," he said.

"This is something we're in for the long run, in whatever capacity it may be," he said.

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I think anybody that was faced with what was going on and seeing what was going on, they would act accordingly. It's just not something we were going around broadcasting." Boyer made it clear he and La Roche, who is currently traveling in an RV on an extended vacation with family, plan to stay involved with Exodus Road.

That means more secretive and dangerous excursions across the world in an effort to free minors from sex slavery.

"It was a life-changer," Boyer said Thursday before the Brewers played the St. "It's something Adam and I are going to do for the rest of our lives." The story of the remarkable mission by Boyer and La Roche was first reported by ESPN The Magazine in an article that centered on La Roche's dramatic decision to retire from the Chicago White Sox this spring.

It is one of the fastest growing criminal industries in the world.

To locate them, find them, and ultimately get them out." Asked if he and La Roche were successful in freeing minors from brothels, Boyer said, "I certainly hope so. That's a testament to a lot of the government officials, the police, the department of justice in that particular country. He indicated others were involved in making the trip happen but no other baseball players.

Boyer understands the interest people have in this story is that two major-league baseball players felt compelled to put their lives and careers on the line in an effort to save minors from sex slavery in areas across the world.

"His whole organization, their ministry, was extremely compelling, obviously," said Boyer, a 34-year-old veteran who signed with the Brewers in the off-season.

"You talk about modern-day slavery, I think anybody would feel a pull or a tug to that. "Both of our families supported Exodus Road (financially), and then (Parker) asked us, 'Do you guys want to get involved? It was an incredible experience with a group that's just absolutely amazing, what they're doing." Boyer and La Roche made the extraordinary decision to spend 10 days overseas in brothels last November, looking for underage girls to free from sex slavery.

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