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This is common in abuse victims, so it’s understandable that this was his conclusion.

I asked him if, hypothetically, there’s a possibility that a domestic violence victim’s symptoms could simply present as Munchausen’s, but in reality be extreme abuse.

“Back then, I was looking for a father figure,” she told me.

They dated, had Edward Jr., and were married five years later.

Anywhere I would have went he would have found me, and he would have hurt anybody that tried to help me.”Michelle’s stories about her husband are hard to stomach.

In addition to regular beatings, isolation from her friends and family, and the overarching fear Edward Sr.

“I will take all the responsibility,” she told the sheriff, and made up something about asking Gillis to shoot Edward Sr.

She was arrested there in the hospital and brought to prison wearing just two hospital gowns: one on her front and one on her back. No witnesses — including a court-ordered psychiatrist — were called to testify in her defense.

In fact, it’s not a great place to be a woman in general.She spent 15 years on death row at Central Mississippi Correctional Facility in Pearl. Her son even confessed to shooting his father to a court-appointed psychiatrist. Michelle was transferred to Tishomingo County Jail in Iuka, where she awaited a new trial. Her attorneys told her if she plead no contest on June 26, she could walk away right then and there. Days after Michelle’s release, I sent her a letter to a P. So I flew down to Nashville, drove a rental car to Murfreesboro, and got to know a woman who’s seeing what the world looks like after 15 years cut off from society.The world has changed a lot since Michelle was first incarcerated.But, before long, her marriage became a relationship in which she was horrifically abused and isolated from her friends and family. He made sure I kept away from my family, [by] hundreds of miles,” Michelle said.She didn’t bring any of her female friends around because, when she did, Edward Sr.

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