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Of course, people are different by their natures, but still the majority of women from Russia or Ukraine seek in life to 3 main priorities: 1. The fact is: if a woman in their society does not have success in love, then she is considered a failure and it frustrates her.

A Russian lady dreams of such relationships where the couple discusses and makes everything together.For example, they give a sit to a lady, open the door for her; they help to take off a coat and many other similar things. Remember the simple truth: Russian men are sure to pay instead of their girls.That is, if a girl came with a man (including her father or brother, and male friends), she does not pay for food, drinks, and so on (although often it’s too idealized version).Never handshake a woman's hand TOO strong (her fingers are gentle enough!); when welcoming the girl and shaking hands, look straight in her eyes - it will show your openness and sincere intentions. Be creative - invent something that will undoubtedly be interest to your girl.

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In most western countries reforms of the sex rights equalizing have led to almost complete loss of chivalrous impulses in men.

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