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Instead, you’ll finally be able to have your phone do that for you.

If someone tries to connect to your internet and is near to you, you’ll be given a prompt asking to give them a password. Apple has made it far easier and simpler to deal with the things you screenshot or record while using your phone.

Apple’s making it easy to free up space, when you need it, and to keep that space free when you don’t.

It’s added a range of new settings aimed at helping you do that.

Press it again to stop the recording, and it’ll be sent into your phone’s camera roll.

Speaking of your camera roll, your photos have become smarter, too.

Those include different things from all around the phone, from switching to the camera to using it as a remote for your house or Apple TV. It’s done by going to the Settings app, rather than the control centre itself, and heading to the right option.

There, you can choose to “customise controls”, and pick which buttons you want as well as the order to display them in.

Those will include getting rid of old i Messages or sending them up to the cloud instead.

(Obviously this only applies to phones released since the 7, when Live Photos came out.) These might be the most important features of i OS 11. The phone has new settings to enable it to shut itself down when you’re driving, or when you think someone might be trying to get access to your phone.

You can find out the full details on them – and how to enable them – by clicking here.

So here are the more hidden, secret updates that Apple has added this time around, from the big to the small.

The Control Centre – activated by swiping up from the bottom of the screen – has had a complete re-design this time around. Far more useful is that Apple now lets you choose what’s in it, allowing you to add a whole host of new buttons.

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First off, it’s added a feature that has the incredible virtue of avoiding your camera roll being full of things you’ve screens hotted.

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