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I'm guessing it's the same with the other one, but I've often thought there would be more like it or similar, either it be or .swf/flash movie type.

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Unfortunately I can't afford to buy anything yet, but I have a list of things to buy when I can!

I'm only afraid of wearing it in public and showing my...

Only than I coudn't really aford any thing but I had recentl came across bodyline and ann house, which is great becuase there not hard to aford ~nya. i just decided to start dressing lolita i loooved the style for a lonnng time and today i got my first wig! im so excited and really wanna find other lolitas around my local area! Some of the lolita fashion is so ultra feminine, and I love seeing a girl dressed up like that.Similar to games like Tech Arts 3D Custom Girl Yuki Hotaru and others.I've got the Tech Arts 3D Custom Girl one already and is looking for Yuki Hotaru or any others that are similar to these two. ^^ The most dangerous phrase ever uttered in all of minecraftia: "/give honeydew 46 64" Imaginato disciplinis cognoscere modum; sciam quid et ingenii?Aka a world of lolita : D weeks ago and absolutely fell in love.I've been looking at different dresses, socks, blouses, and accessories for days!

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  1. Well I completely understand that aspect because it drives me bonkers not being able to figure a year out but I have also noticed that any website I go to never gives an overly clear picture of multiple pattern companies.