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The GTX 970M has also moved aside to make way for the brand new mobile version of the GTX 1070.

For storage, the upgraded model packs in a 500GB SSD and a 1TB data drive.

A full sized keyboard with numpad is featured on the G752.

Individuals key caps are large, key travel is respectable, and function keys are located where users will expect.

Recent Asus notebooks have started to look like everything else.

The clean lines that define the exterior are exchanged for a jumped mess of angles.We also received an updated model, the G752VS-XB78K.It swaps the Core i7-6700HQ for the faster, and unlocked, Core i7-6820HK with 64GB of RAM.Asus was an early adopter of the matte black aesthetic that now dominates so many gaming notebooks, and the success of its hardware is, we think, partially responsible for the look’s prevalence.That’s a compliment to the company, but it also posed a problem.

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