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Louisiana is not a fully legal “green state” quite yet, but you couldn’t tell that by the amount of herb enjoyed by NOLA locals, this one in particular. There are so many restaurants in New Orleans, you could eat out three times a week for an entire year and never hit the same place twice... Counterintuitively, this person is not a Yelper, although they might have a small local food blog.

They have fully embraced the smoking lifestyle, and if you’re looking to date them for longer than a few weeks, it’s best that you be into it as well. Their Instagram account is 75% food, 25% selfies with chefs.

There’s a high probability they know a lot about local music (particularly rap, brass, and funk), have a killer Blu-ray collection, and have the best donut shops and po-boys in the city clocked and mapped. Picky eaters or those on a reasonable food budget should steer clear of this one; those who geek out on everything edible are welcome.

Where the restaurant junkie lives to eat out, this person gets off on dining in.

They hate it when people call them “hipsters,” but still refer to young people with full-time jobs that require a suit as “yuppies.” You can find them watching flicks at Indywood, drinking at the Hi Ho Lounge, or painstakingly crafting your latte at Byrdie’s, when they’re not making art, clothes, or jewelry from recycled materials for the Frenchmen Art Market (and of course their Etsy shop).

They’ll date corporate types out of sheer curiosity and free meals, but don’t expect it to last unless you’re cut from the same (vintage) cloth.

If you date them, you’d better either have some serious cooking chops or be willing to stand aside when they’re in the kitchen, because there’s no better way to break their heart than to overcook the meat or burn the roux.

On the plus side, they’re the type that genuinely embraces life and all its appetites, and you’ll always eat well.

If you ever wanted to go to the annual Tarpon Rodeo in Grand Isle or spend hours in a frigid duck or deer blind in the woods or out on the water, and if you have no qualms with “smokeless tobacco,” this is your soulmate. Wake and bake in the morning, then off to work, with a J on the lunch break and a spliff when they get home to relax. Local restaurant reviewers are like prophets to this person, and they keep a running list of every new place they need to hit before everyone finds out how good/bad it is.This person most likely moved here just before or just after “the storm” (we will not use the K word herein).You won’t have to ask how long they’ve been here, because at some point very early on they’re going to tell you.It can be exhausting, but also exhilarating, so if you can’t keep their frantic pace, you’re going to be run ragged pretty quickly. Their family has been here for generations, and has had active interests in local politics, law, real estate, restaurants, and/or finance the whole time, so they’re extraordinarily well connected, and it shows.Friday lunches at Galatoire’s (at their great-grandfather’s table) is a weekly must, as are the requisite Mardi Gras balls, debutante parties, and fundraisers.

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Being with them for their first Mardi Gras will make you glow like a new parent.

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