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Cocteau, I think he only wrote one serious essay in his life, and it was on the subject of friendship-friendship is higher than love...

Can you really be that busy that you don't notice your mate on the slide, as it were? I just remember feeling this overpowering sense of guilt.

So many songs crescendo in such a way that the music alone, sans lyrics, spurs emotion within a person they may not have been aware even existed.

That first time I went to see U2 I arrived early not knowing people often don't even show up for the opening band.

The lights dimmed, the faint sound of the beginning of that song starting & my love affair with U2 began.

During a time when MTV was still playing music videos it was a big deal and made MTV News when the band shot the video for that same song in downtown Los Angeles.

Years later on Elevation tour when U2 came back to my town the local paper put a call out for folks who had been at the Joshua Tree show in 87' to write in. When the article came out my mother, who had gone with me to the show in 87' realized another guy who had written in had been one of her kindergarten students back in the early 70's.

His story was about being pulled to the stage to play guitar along with the band.

' For one lucky fan, the biggest U2 show of the year just might be the smallest.Now 30 years later I have the great opportunity to experience this show as an adult.I have many U2 shows under my belt but there will be no show that rivals either 87' or 17' show.I was fascinated by the pull they had even then to draw so many fans.U2's unique way of writing songs with powerful messages and even more powerful melodies sticks with you.

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When I was 13 I was just learning about music & its impact.

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