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If your Mac gets to the login screen or desktop, then you'll need to determine whether the problem is the mouse or the keyboard.Try plugging in one at a time and then restarting your Mac.There is another common startup problem that is often mistaken for the gray screen issue: a gray screen with a folder icon and a flashing question mark.That is a separate problem, which you can usually easily fix by following this guide: How to respond to a flashing question mark on a Mac.One of the most common problems that can cause the gray screen issue is a bad peripheral or peripheral cable.When a bad peripheral is plugged into your Mac, it can prevent your Mac from continuing the startup sequence, and cause it to stall while it waits for the peripheral to respond to a command.If your Mac starts up normally, you will need to reattach your peripherals one at a time, restarting after each, to verify that none of them caused the original gray screen issue.

If it does, then one or more pieces of RAM have failed.Remember that the problem can also be a bad cable, so if you plug a peripheral back in and it causes the gray screen issue, try the peripheral with a new cable before you replace the peripheral.If you still have the gray screen issue after reconnecting all of your peripherals, the problem could be with the mouse or keyboard.You can use Disk Utility's First Aid tools to check and repair your drive; you may even need to replace the drive. If you're unable to start your Mac in Safe Boot mode, or your Mac starts in Safe Boot mode, but it won't start up normally, you can try the following: Reset PRAMReset SMCWarning: Resetting the PRAM and the SMC will return your Mac's hardware to its default settings.For instance, sound levels will be set to the default; Mac's internal speakers will be set as the source of audio output; the date and time may be reset, and the display options and brightness will also be reset.

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