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On Monday, Apple released i Tunes 12.4 for Mac and Windows, which updated the interface and navigation.It's not a major overhaul -- most of your years-old frustrations with the bloated program are still there.If you have updated i Tunes or moved your i Tunes music library you may find that your song playlists seem to have disappeared.

According to the post, Apple Music deleted 122 GB of music from Pinkstone's laptop without his permission.The reason is that the old i Tunes Library file doesn't contain the latest music, videos or apps you've added to i Tunes.Keep Vid Music lets you transfer music, playlists, videos, etc.Thankfully, Pinkstone had a recent backup of his music library and was able to recover everything he thought he'd lost.And Dalrymple, too, was able to recover his files (with Apple's help).

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