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Though pleasing to the eye, it was more subtle in flavor and could have benefited from a stronger profile in the sauce or in the breading.

But I loved the spin on a controversial vegetable (Scott is still warming to them…) and sadly you usually can get me to try anything fried.

Fast forward a year and it’s become our favorite dinner spot!

You go in and you’re immediately greeted with a large rustic wooden bar and open kitchen in the back.

We ultimately settled on 4 small plates, some more interesting than others, and 1 large plate before diving into Ellen’s dessert.

, an item from the list of specials that evening, was one of the standouts of the meal.

It’s relaxing, it’s homey and the staff is wonderful.

Not only was the chicken cooked to perfection, but all the flavors and array of fresh vegetables served as an excellent backdrop to the main event.

The dining space is located in a separate room with a fireplace and string lights adding to the warm living room-like atmosphere.

I think my favorite part of the menu has to be their craft burgers.

So even if it’s not a three minute drive for you, I definitely say it’s worth checking out.

I can honestly say this is my go-to place when I’m in the mood for a mid-week pick me up.

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