Workplace dating policy sample

Some employers require that employees disclose their workplace romance to their supervisor or HR.

With knowledge of the relationship, employers can minimize the impact to the business, confirm the relationship is consensual, or perhaps modify the reporting structure, if necessary.

Encourage employees to report inappropriate conduct, without fear of reprisal, before it becomes severe or pervasive, whether they are a victim or a witness.

Offer employees multiple avenues through which they can file complaints.

If employees do not disclose their relationships, employers will be unable to monitor such relationships, and therefore cannot monitor workplace interactions to assure fair treatment and that harassment or favoritism does not occur.

You might have difficulty enforcing an outright ban on all workplace dating.

Author: Jessica Sussman Relationships between employees as well as between supervisors and subordinates may create a number of issues for employers.

If other employees are aware of such relationships, employees may claim that the subordinate employee received preferential treatment.

Additionally, if the relationship ends, one of the employees may claim the relationship was not consensual, that she was sexually harassed, or that she was retaliated against if she receives a poor performance review from her former paramour.

Employers may address the potential exposure resulting from employee dating by either adopting a policy prohibiting dating or by adopting a policy that permits employee dating, but requires disclosure of such relationship.

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Clearly defining inappropriate conduct, and training supervisors to promptly address such conduct, can minimize the negative impact of workplace dating.

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